Ganjika Holistics

CBD Products

Ganjika Holistics is an Award Winning
Ayurvedic inspired CBD company
offering herbal infused
Organic Full Spectrum CBD products

Welcome, my name is Tamarin and my learning journey in healing has led me to create ‘Ganjika Holistics’. I offer a range of fully certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD products, for both topical and internal use, as well as full body cbd massages and treatments.

Having gathered a myriad of qualifications up to 2004, in massage, energy healing and mind body medicine. I was in search for more innate knowledge and wanted to explore indigenous teachings so decided to travel the world.

After many years of travelling and studying further, I returned to the UK infusing my knowledge into my work with influences from Ayurveda in India, herbal and crystal healing in South America, to massage with the hill tribes of Thailand, and indigenous Tribes of Polynesia to meditations with the Shamans of Borneo.

One of the most comparative observations I made amongst all these Tribes individually from all over the world was their united use of cannabis. It was used daily both topically and internally. Globally cannabis is considered a sacred plant medicine.

When covid hit in 2020, we went into an international lockdown in order to adapt to government restrictions It led my work to be less hands on. I’d become observant in the rising popularity of medicinal cannabis and CBD oil in this country, as well as overseas amongst western society. Having seen the benefits whilst living with Tribes, and now it seemed amongst us all, I chose to immerse myself in the teachings of cannabis. I researched and completed several courses as to know exactly what would be the most beneficial way I could personally offer this sacred plant medicine to a society so in need of it.

I transformed my healing into a product, and since then have created body treatments that correspond to the different CBD blends I offer. I Incorporated my teachings especially from India, by infusing Ayurvedic knowledge along with herbs into the CBD oil, complementing the products and treatments beautifully.

Eco Friendly and Vegan Promise

Having been awarded the Plastic Free Champion Award and becoming a plastic free community business, Ganjika Holistics offers refills at a discounted cost. Most of the packaging is 100% biodegradable within 10 weeks if composted. All products are recycled and recyclable.